Restoran Palazzo Piti | Beograd

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Restaurant Palazzo Pitti | Catering

Restaurant Palazzo Pitti | Catering

Catering is a catering activity that involves the production, arrangement, serving and serving of food and drink outside the place where the food is produced.

We wanted to meet you, complete our service and provide you with a complete catering service, serving food for all kinds of events and celebrations. In addition to offering you space and various opportunities for organizing both private and business gatherings and celebrations, created according to your wishes, if you have space, we are here to facilitate your storage and serving of food. Our staff will make every guest and you as a host satisfied.

You can order orders directly in our restaurant, Luke Vojvodića 18i, by mail or by telephone. We will review your wishes and help you to make the best choice of food for the event you are celebrating.

Our idea is to provide you with enjoyment of food and at the same time give you more time for yourself, your friends, business partners. We want to improve the way and quality of people's lives, through the excellent quality of food we are preparing and professional service that pays attention to every detail.